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Michelle Marraffini

Michelle Marraffini

Contact Information
8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

I currently study the ecology of sessile invertebrates in the coastal waters of Central California.  My MLML thesis will investigate the role of native species richness in preventing invasions and ecosystem functioning using knowledge of important community players of the local sessile invertebrates found in the lab's current work with the Smithsonian in San Francisco Bay.  My project will be done in Monterey Harbor through the use of settlement plates and manipulated community assemblages.


BS, Biology University of Florida 2010

Research Experience

Research Assistant, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Moss Landing, September 2010-Present.  Working on using molecular techniques in an invasive species monitoring program in San Francisco Bay.  Laboratory technician for principle objectives and individual research project on the influence of native species richness on invader success.

Research Scientist, Dr. John Aris Lab, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,  University of Florida  January 2009- May 2010. Worked on the influence of amino acids, calorie restriction, and mitochondrial division on yeast autophogy.

Research Scientist, Dr. Mark Clark, Department of Soil and Water Science  University of Florida  September 2009- May 2010. Worked on wetland nutrient influence and testing commercial products for treatment of algal blooms.