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MS 103: Marine Ecology
Fall, 4 Units

Field-oriented introduction to the interrelationship between marine and estuarine organisms and their environment; emphasis on quantitative data collection and analysis.

Ecology, statistics (or concurrent registration in MS104), consent of instructor.

MS 221: Advanced Topics in Marine Invertebrates  

Spring, 4 units

Advanced considerations of the ecology, physiology and phylogeny of the various invertebrate phyla emphasizing current literature and research. Topics and emphasis will vary from term to term. May be repeated once for credit.

Prerequisits: Graduate standing, instructor's consent, MS 124.

MS 206: Molecular Biological Techniques   

Spring, 4 Units

A laboratory-based overview of concepts and techniques for the isolation, characterization, and analysis of DNA and RNA. This course presents an overview of standard methods (amplification, cloning, and sequencing), as well as selected specialized techniques (analysis of gene expression). Lectures focus on marine science applications.

Prerequisites:  Graduate standing; college level genetics, molecular biology, or instructor's consent.

MS 285: Graduate Seminar in Marine Science - Applications of Genetics for Marine Ecology and Evolution

Fall 2009, 2 Units